Chapter Meeting Night - New Location and Date

7th October 2020

Just a reminder. The Chapter meeting is tonight at the new location

Chapter Meeting Nights are now on the second Tuesday each month at 1841 Bar & Grill, Johnsonville.

We have a new location and a change to the date of our monthly Chapter Meeting Nights.

Due to Eddie selling the Bellevue, we have had to change the venue and the night for the Chapter meetings.

Starting this October the Chapter Meeting Night will now be held at the 1841 Bar & Restaurant, 1 Disraeli Street, Johnsonville on the second Tuesday of the month.

Tuesday is 1841’s steak meal deal night ($25 for a steak and house drink), so a great bonus for members. There is parking off Disraeli Street next to the outdoor area, that is reserved for Autostop but we can use it after 5pm. Also, Countdown don’t ticket after 6pm, so there is more space there for bikes and cars.
See the 1841 Bar & Restaurant website for more information:

So the next Chapter Meeting Night will be Tuesday 13th October, Upstairs at 1841 Bar & Restaurant, Johnsonville - Note the new date - now the second Tuesday every month.

Socialising from 5:30pm as usual, with the meeting proper starting at 7pm.

Website: 1841 Bar & Restaurant

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