This event has ended!
Ride Forever Gold Course ---- Course now FULL
Sep 14

Ride Forever Gold Course ---- Course now FULL

Date & Time
14 September 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This course is now FULL so please register for the Saturday 9th November Course, which will also be FREE.

UPDATE 1st August : This Gold course is now covered by Roadsafe's WINTER19 promo so it is FREE. Use the WINTER19 promo when registering or call Lynne at Roadsafe directly

Here's another excellent Roadsafe Rider Gold course for the Chapter so take the opportunity to have a training day of fun and upskilling with your fellow HOG riders.
Below is the registration weblink for the Ride Forever Gold course for HOG (NOT showing on the Roadsafe website) on Saturday 14 September:

Roadsafe are happy if riders would prefer to phone and Lynne can make their booking for them: 0274349038.
You can also call Lynne at the above number if you have any questions or are having trouble registering.
You can also contact John Baker your HOG Safety Officer on 021349649

Event Type
Wgtn HOG Exclusive Course

Wednesday 11th Sep 2019
Mid-week ride Lower Hutt
Saturday 21st Sep 2019 - Sunday 22nd Sep 2019

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