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Mar 23

HOG Gold Rider Training Day

Date & Time
23 March 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

We have our next HOG Gold course on Saturday 23 March, the registration weblink for our course is below: 

Registration link 

Please note as this is a HOG only course it is NOT showing publicly on the Roadsafe website, and riders will need to book via the weblink above.
The course runs for a whole day starting at 9am at a cafe in Tawa, and includes on road riding and some carpark riding exercises, concluding around 5pm. This course is highly subsidised by ACC and only costs $50 per rider.

There is nothing compulsory on this course, however riders are encouraged to partake in the exercises, and the feedback from previous participants has been great! The Ride Forever Gold course level acknowledges your riding experience, with the view of further extending your knowledge so you enjoy your riding even more! This course is tailored to the information and riding skills you want to find out more about!

Please feel free to contact Lynne at Roadsafe Rider   directly if you have any questions, or would like clarification on any aspect.

Or you can contact your HOG Safety Officer John Baker at  or 021 349649

Event Location
The Borough cafe
162/168 Main Road
Wellington NZ-WGN

Wednesday 20th Mar 2019
Mid-week ride Lower Hutt
Sunday 24th Mar 2019

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